College of Design
College of Design
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About the College
Originally called “National Yunlin Institute of Technology”, the university was founded in 1991. It was renamed the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YunTech) on August 1st, 1997. The College of Design currently consists of the following departments and programs: Design (Ph.D); Cross-Cultural Design (MD); Industrial Design (BD and MD); Visual Communication Design (BD and MD); Architecture and Interior Design (BD and MD); Digital Media Design and Computational Design (BD and MD); Creative Design (BD and MD); as well as the Design Research Center and the Design-led Innovation Center.

We take the school motto as the guide for our core values: “Sincerity (Cheng), Honor (Jing), Perseverance (Heng), and Originality (Hsin)”. The College of Design integrates software and hardware resources with the teaching and research of its doctoral program, departments, and centers to promote internationalization, enhance the teaching and research quality, and acquire competitiveness. In these ways, we aim to equip students with the capacities of Specialization, Integration, Internationalization, and Innovation.

The College was established to enhance the quality of teaching, research, counseling; and service; to integrate teachers and teaching facilities from all the departments; to reinforce industry-academic capacity of all the centers, and to undertake all kinds of industry-academic cooperative projects.

Future Prospects
The College regards cultural and creative design, green design, and digital value-added design as the three major categories of design, intended to achieve the four main integration goals: design and innovation, humanity and art, science and engineering, industry and business opportunity. As for its major development direction, the College focuses on cultural creativity and life, green technology and intellectual space, innovation operation, administration, and digital value-added services and marketing. In accordance with the school’s holistic development plan and the College’s goal of setting a new paragon of vocational design education, the College expects to achieve the following three goals:
1) to nurture brand-new ideas promoting internationalization and creating new design visions of the College;
2) to apply digital integration to institute design knowledge-based economic system; and
3) to employ design specialties to cultivate local development.

In order to enhance design and the competitiveness of our graduates, the school strongly encourages students to attend both local and international competitions.  All of our college’s departments have won numerous impressive awards. For instance, Easy Drink, designed by the Creative Design Department, has been awarded the Red Dot Award (2011). The animations Precious ONE and Seeing the World from Two Feet High, both from the Digital Media Design Department, have received the Red Dot Award (2011) and the first prize in the 2011 A+ Festival Design Competition, respectively. The product design work Book Trolley has also been rewarded the Red Dot Award: Design Concept (2011), and the work Taiwan Animal Bag Accessory won the First prize of ISQB–2011. Largely due to the excellent performance in our college, YunTech has been evaluated in the Top First by Ministry of Education for five years running.

Due to its excellent performance, YunTech has been ranked 51st among the top 100 universities across the Taiwan Strait according to the survey released by Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2011. It has been ranked among the top 10 most competitive universities nationwide, public and private, according to the “2011 University Evaluation” released by the Global Views and 104 Job Bank. In addition, YunTech has been ranked 1st for the fifth consecutive year among all technological universities nationwide at the award-winning contest “It’s Show Time” in 2011. For the 2011-2012 MOE Teaching Excellence Project, YunTech has received funding valued at NT$170,000,000, the highest among all technological universities nationwide.


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