General Education Center
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 College of Humanities and Applied Sciences-Research Center


Introduction and Tasks

Following the university’s motto “Sincerity, Honor, Perseverance, Originality”, the center aims to foster students’ ability of reflecting on human civilization and culture, caring for the problems and challenges the current society may face, and accepting diverse values as well as cultures. The students are trained to be critical and curious about life from the viewpoints of “international vision”, “local thinking” as well as “social concerns”, and further understand the meaning of self-existence, thus achieving the self-implementation and respecting the values of different lives and cultures.

In order to develop the “liberal education” that is to foster the basic abilities of students, and enhance the “general education” as well as “technological and vocational education”, the “Committee on General Education” is in charge of organizing, reviewing and evaluating the general courses provided. The vice president of the university serves as the committee convener and the director of the center is the executive secretary.

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