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Instructional Objectives

The program is especially for secondary education; the courses are designed and offered in light of the present departments, faculties and facilities. The objectives of the program are as follows:



To produce teachers of secondary education for industrial, business, design as well as humanistic courses; in addition, to equip those who have completed the program with the professional knowledge in education, practical teaching abilities and enthusiasm necessary to prepare them for education.

2.  To cultivate educational and training specialists needed by industry and vocational training institutes; in addition, to equip those who have fulfilled the requirements of the program with the professional knowledge and practical abilities in education that are necessary for the development of the human resources in business and industry.


Instructional Features  

NYUST is the only national university of science and technology in the middle Taiwan that made up of four colleges - Engineering, Management, Design and Humanities. In order to make best use of its resources and produce well-rounded specialists in education and training, the program aims at integrating three parts: (1) practicality-oriented special skills in the areas of Engineering, Management, Design and Humanities, (2) facilities and features of industries at the middle area if Taiwan, (3) professional courses of education and training.



The development of the program is as follows:

1.  In light of the institutional objectives of promoting extension programs and enhancing the quality of teaching, the program offers courses of in-service education for the personnel of vocational schools.
2.  In light of the institutional objectives of assisting the regional industry and enhancing the competence of training specialists, the program assists other colleges in NYUST in holding educational and training courses needed by human resources departments in business and industry.
3.  In order to integrate the faculty, facilities, specialists, technology and information, the program sets up regional cooperation and guiding network among vocational education at the middle area of Taiwan, and makes a whole of universities of science and technology, institutes, junior colleges, vocational schools, and technical-art programs in junior high schools.
4.  According to national teacher cultivation policy and the real needs of the society, the program holds master's education program to produce teachers for secondary schools.
5.  In order to increase students' understanding and concern about vocational education, industrial facilities and their development, the program conducts students to visit vocational schools and industry for equipping those who have completed the program with both academic and industrial specialty as vocational education teachers.


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