College of Humanities and Applied Sciences
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College of Humanities and Applied Sciences 


According to the school educational objective, the College of Humanities and Applied Sciences integrates national developments and industrial requirements to promote the courses of humanities, mathematics,and science in accordance with the belief of “the equally emphasis on humanities and sciences” and “the integration of theories and practices.” Moreover, academic research and exchange, industry-academia cooperation and community service are also encouraged.




1.   Nurture professional talents in the fields of humanity and applied science.
2.   Equip students with multi-cultural perspective and solid academic foundations.
3.   Promote the industry-academy cooperation and improve the innovative and practical abilities of teachers and students.
4.   Strengthen the international academic exchange, broaden the international horizons, and promote the research atmosphere.





1.   Coordinate the course plans and revisions among departments in the college.
2.   Integrate the faculty, courses and related resources in the college.
3.   Plan the affairs of establishing new departments in the college.
4.   Encourage the industry-academy cooperation.
5.   Encourage and coordinate the internationalized education and international academia cooperation and exchange.




Department and Task

The dean of College of Humanities and Applied Sciences is in charge of college affairs while the vice dean would be the deputy to promote the related affairs. The special assistant helps to carry out the related works. The administrative assistant handles the administration jobs.

Currently, there are Department and Graduate School of Applied Foreign Languages, Department and Graduate School of Cultural Heritage Conservation, Graduate School of Technological and Vocational Education, Graduate School of Chinese Studies, Graduate School of Leisure and Exercise Studies, Graduate School of Science and Technology Law,Graduate School of Materials Science and Teacher Education Center.



Site Layout and Equipment

The departments of the College of Humanities and applied Sciences are allocated at Liberal Arts Building, Science Building, Vocational Education Building and Gymnasium. The following are the college rooms and facilities:

1.   One computer laboratory with 50 computers.
2.   One classroom with 120 seats.
3.   One auditorium with 110 seats.
4.   One conference room with 30 seats.




Future Prospect

The College of Humanities and Applied Sciences intends to integrate current resource, enhance teaching quality, encourage academic research and exchange and promote industry-academia cooperation and service; moreover, new departments will be set up in compliance with the developing target and features. The College of Humanities and Applied Sciences hopes to nurture the talents who can seek the balance between science and humanity and integrate theory and practice.

1.The combination of humanities and sciences.  

2.The specific practice of industry-university cooperation and the integration of theory and practice according to local needs.  

3.Emphasize cross-college exchanges to achieve interaction in different academic fields and develop new thinking in various professional fields.

4.Take root in the local area and move towards the international market, promote international academic teaching, and improve research standards.

5.The equally emphasis on  teaching, research and service in each professional field.   


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