College of Engineering - Introduction
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 College of Engineering



In accordance with the main technology development and industrial promotion, the College of Engineering emphasizes applied engineering and system integration technology as the educational objectives, thus fostering high-tech professionals that are indispensable for the national economic development and achieving the target of enhancing national competitiveness.




For accomplishing the objectives of technological education, the College of Engineering puts equal emphasis on theory and practice and gives consideration to technological integration, along with the main development directions as follows:
1. To cultivate engineering elites in accordance with economic development
2. To reinforce technological research and promote academic exchanges
3. To integrate department resources and enhance industry-academia cooperation
4. To strengthen professionalism and develop college’s features 




Tasks include to enhance the quality of teaching, researching, counseling and service in each department and graduate school in accordance with respective program features and development, to integrate human and material resources in related fields, to cooperate with each research center and to promote technological integration of all types actively.



Department and Task

Currently, College of Engineering consists of seven departments, eleven graduate schools and four doctoral programs, including Department and Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering, Department and Graduate School of Electrical Engineering, Department and Graduate School of Electronic Engineering (including a doctoral program), Department and Graduate School of Safety Health and Environmental Engineering, Department and Graduate School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (including a doctoral program), Department and Graduate School of Construction Engineering, Department of Computer and Communication Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering Science and Technology-Doctoral Program, Graduate School of Industry Precision Mechanical Engineering(a doctoral program), Graduate School of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Graduate School of Optoelectronics, Graduate School of Disaster Prevention and Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Communications Engineering, and Graduate Institute of Construction and Property Management. Furthermore, the College of Engineering also established Center for Construction Materials and Technology, Center for Advanced Processing and Analysis (CAPA), Research Center of Industrial Pollution Control and Research Center for Soil & Water Resources and Natural Disaster Prevention to provide testing and consulting service for the industry.



Site Layout and Equipment 


Building of Engineering 1 (Mechanical Engineering)
Building of Engineering 2 (Electrical Engineering)
Building of Engineering 3 (Electronic Engineering, Environmental and Safety Engineering)
Building of Engineering 4 (Chemical and Materials Engineering)
Building of Engineering 5 (Office of College of Engineering, Construction Engineering, and Computer and Communication Engineering)
Building of Construction Engineering 

Future Prospect

The College of Engineering will integrate the soft/hardware resources of both teaching and research from its subordinated departments, graduate schools and centers and propel the internationalization of education. In addition to recruiting faculty that are needed for the development, the College will pay more attention to the promotion of teaching quality and the competitiveness of research as well as service, thus strengthening the characteristics “Green Technology and Smart Life” of the College of Engineering.

(1) Departments and Graduate Schools

In addition to the seven departments, eleven graduate schools and four doctoral programs at present, the College of Engineering shows the determination of heading for internationalization and excellent teaching by obtaining accreditation of engineering and technology education programs in 2007. The College of Engineering promotes an integrative green technology program in compliance with University Teaching Excellence Awarding Project – Featured Area Teaching Improvement Plan for College of Engineering – Planning of a Teaching Platform for Green Technology and Establishment of a Green Technology Program promulgated by the Ministry of Education. Consequently, the College of Engineering has offered a doctoral program in Graduate School of Industrial Precision Machinery and established Graduate Institute of Construction and Property Management and Department of Computer and Communication Engineering in the academic year of 96. A doctoral program is also available in the Department and Institute of Electronic Engineering in the 97th academic year. A doctoral program will be offered by Department of Safety Health and Environmental Engineering in the academic year of 98 after being approved by the Ministry of Education.
A master program to be provided by Graduate School of Nanotechnology, Graduate School of Biotechnology and Graduate School of Materials Engineering is in the processing of planning. A doctoral program will be available in Department of Electrical Engineering. Other interdisciplinary integrated programs is offered as well.
Each department/graduate school of College of Engineering offers 2-year, 4-year, and master programs as well as an integrative doctoral program provided by Graduate School of Engineering Science and Technology. A complete system for teaching and researching has been well developed. More doctoral programs will be offered depending upon the teaching and research requirements and performance in the future.

(2) Teaching Staff

Each department/graduate school is encouraged to engage the service of energetic teaching staff from all walks of life for efficient support of teaching and studying in accordance with actual organizational demands.

(3) Teaching

To cope with the fast development of engineering technology and industrial demands, teaching programs of all departments/graduate schools in College of Engineering is amended in several stages, teaching materials is enriched  and practice is adjusted properly so that what has been learned can be put into practice and practical training can be arranged to enhance the expertise of on-the-job engineers by collaboration with the R&D Division and the Extension Education Center in National Yunlin University of Science & Technology. Meanwhile, teaching staff and equipment is well organized and related departments and graduate schools is integrated to promote the mechanical and electrical system integrated program, automation program, energy program, optoelectronics program, biotechnology program, disaster prevention technology program and green technology program so as to cultivate the technological talents required for national economic development in the future.

(4) Research
  1. Teaching staff, equipment and lectures of related courses in the College of Engineering is integrated and applied to enhance collaborative studies among the College of Engineering, the industry, the government and the academia.
  2. Efficiency of using resources is increased, key research fields is selected in an overall planning way and the human and material resources in and out of the university is fully integrated to innovate a research atmosphere.
  3. Service Center for Construction Technology and Materials, Teaching Center for Green Technology and Center for Smart Life Research will be established to integrate technologies, promote research projects of all types and expand external  services.
  4. Faculty and facilities for environmental safety and disaster prevention technology are integrated. Research funds are actively solicited from the industries, the government and the academia to assist the industries in solving pollution and disaster prevention problems as well as to develop professional technical talents that are required increasingly.
  5. Along with the establishment of Central Taiwan Science Park in Yunlin, Yunlin Offshore Basic Industrial Zone of the greatest national scale and Center for Regional Industry-Academia Corporation in Central Taiwan – Center for Mechanical Industry, Electric & Electronic Technology and Sustainable Development and Green  Technology in National Yunlin University of Science and Technology subject to the Ministry of Education, educational practice, researches and exchanges among the businesses, technical schools and universities in the neighborhood can be enhanced to create an industry-academia collaboration model with regional characteristics.


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