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Emergency Toxic Response Information
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Department and Task

In order to cope with the national development on disaster mitigation and prevention, NYUST established a “Emergency Response Information Center” to assist Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration on raising capacity in HAZMAT mitigation . The Center assembled the governmental, industries, and academic capabilities and resources as well as integrated technologies、researches and projects. The goals are to assist the sustainable development of industries, the mitigation of human-related accidents and disasters, and the protection of life, environment and property. In 2006,the Center establish Tai-Chung and Yulin Emergency Response Team (ERT) for responding toxic chemical incidents year round.with response capability for the on-site monitoring, sampling, analyzing, containing, treating, recovering and investigating during incidents. Other activities include assisting and inspecting the manufacturers (operating toxic chemical substances), attending varions exercises, and helding HAZMAT and disaster response training and workshops.


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