Military Education Office - Introduction
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Military Education Office - Introduction
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 Administrative Unit



The organization of Military Education Office has a chief military education officer and 5 military education officers. The Military Education Office delicate to improve the students’ discipline and manner by devoting work and service. By our loyalty, sincerity, and a loving heart we believe we can achieve the goals of this office to establish a harmonious, secure, and progressive NYUST culture.




1. Helps with emergencies and accidents for all students.
2. Application of relief and help for students in need.
3. Maintenance of campus safety.
4. Living guidance and assistance for students.
5. Instruction of military training courses.




1. Improving the teaching and learning capability of each Military Training Instructor.
2. Encouraging the multimedia teaching methods.
3. To implement the safety measures on Campus Accident Management, so as to assure the safety around the campus.
4. To offer good services and efficient help to all students, based on "Protocol for handling student emergencies and accidents".


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