Art Center - Introduction
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 Administration Center



Our history:

The Art Center was established in 1999 under the administration of the University Library. In 2004, it was promoted as a first-degree administrative office to organize arts extension programs and exhibitions.



About the Center :

Currently, two divisions have been set up to organize art exhibitions and collections respectively. The Art Consultation Council was also established to provide consultations for the Center’s activities. The Center also invites resident artists to participate in promoting its programs. The exhibition area is about 200 ping (3600 square feet) and include over 600 pieces of artwork.


Our work:

Apart from regular art exhibitions, the Center also holds art performances and speeches given by outstanding national and international artists. We also help execute art-related plans and projects sponsored by the government to promote art education and art digitalization. The exhibition area is open to the public.


Our goals:

1. Bring art to the campus
2. Internationalize local art activities
3. Bring art to the community
4. Integrate the arts to the curriculum of general education
5. Promote art activities
6. Digitalize art collections
7. Diversify art activities


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