Language Center - Introduction
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The Language Center was established to improve foreign language teaching in National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (NYUST) and to globalize the university. The Center provides language classes for local citizens, university students, international students and foreigners who wish to learn Chinese or English. The classes are offered in modern classrooms equipped with all the soft and hardware required for language learning. In addition to the management of audio-visual classrooms and facilities, the Language Center is also responsible for conducting language related activities and events held both inside and outside the university.




1. Develop e-learning systems to create an efficient English learning environment
2. Set up university language policies and arrange freshman English curricula.
3. Organize teacher training workshops to improve teaching quality.
4. Propose various language learning programs for participants from all fields in the university to advance their language abilities and make them more competitive in their workplaces.
5. Hold on-campus and inter college foreign language competitions.
6. Engage in knowledge exchanges and collaborate with domestic and overseas education institutions to offer Proficiency Certificates in Teaching Mandarin Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language and Mandarin Chinese courses.
7. Collect English and Chinese textbooks, preparation books, and teaching materials for the English and Chinese Proficient Tests.




1. Section of Language Assessment
  Setting up university language policies
    The Section of Language Assessment takes charge of designing freshman English curricula and offers a variety of English courses for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Due to the increasing importance of acquiring certificates for a job application, one of the missions of this section is to help students acquire an English proficiency certificate before graduation.
  Holding foreign language competitions
    Arrange on-campus and inter college foreign language competitions per year in order to promote students’ learning motivations and to enhance students’ English abilities.
  Industry-university Cooperation

Conduct language certificate tests for both NYUST students and the people outside the university. The Toeic Test and Test of Chinese Proficiency are administered by cooperating with Educational Testing Service (ETS) and other....

2. Section of Language Extension
  The Section of Language Extension has arranged English test preparation programs for students and faculty members to improve their English abilities to pass the certificate exams. By obtaining certificates, they become more competitive in their careers. The programs include:
  English Test Preparation Programs
    Organize extensive courses of “General English Proficiency Test elementary level”, “GEPT intermediate level”, “GEPT high-intermediate level”, “TOEIC” and “TOEFL” Preparation. These courses are designed to help students obtain certificates of English proficiency tests.
  Language Learning Programs
    Design several foreign language learning courses which focus on the language skills of English, Japanese, German, and Spanish. Students in these classes can learn the target languages and widen their global vision as well.
  Translation Service

Provide translation services for Chinese, English, Spanish and Japanese.

3. Section of Chinese Learning
  The Language Center assists international students and people from other countries to learn Mandarin Chinese. It provides foreigners with an environment for learning Chinese.
  Proficiency in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language Program
    In order to help students pass the Certification Exam for Proficiency in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language held by the Ministry of Education, the program serves a test preparation course which focuses on both theory and practice. After attending the class, students can acquire abundant resources for the Certification Exam for Proficiency in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language as well as be better prepared to teach Chinese classes.
  Chinese Language Program
    Sizes of the classes are varied from as small as one-on-one tutoring to as many as dozens of students in one class. Class schedules are tailored according to the learning progress of students, which allows them to learn Chinese better.


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