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Center for Continuing Education - Introduction
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The Center for Continuing Education aims to become the partner of growth and the helper of the economy. In the time of knowledge economy, it has played a role of knowledge sharing while assisting the nation to develop its economy and establish regional facilities and cultivate high-level technical talents. In addition, it has integrated and provided the software and hardware equipment and resources for the school in response to the society’s life-long learning demand. Meeting the regional needs, the Center organizes different credit classes, non-credit classes and educational training courses to share knowledge, contribute to the community and provide life-long learning opportunities. Its main tasks include:

(1)   Organize various continuing education credit classes, non-credit class courses and training projects.

(2)   Assist the school to promote continuing education and undertake public and private institutions’ on-job personnel educational training.

(3)   Handle government-entrusted various training programs and projects. 

(4)   Promote continuing education outside school grounds.

(5)   Other affairs related to continuing education.

The Center for Continuing Education has one Director and is consisted of the Promotion Division and the Training Division. Its office is located on the 2nd floor of the Computing Center Building. It has also established Hsinchu Teaching Center (No.59, Tianmei 3rd Street, Hsinchu City) and Taichung Teaching Center (No.658, Section 2, Liming Rd., Nantun District, Taichung City).


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