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Office of Academic Affairs - Introduction
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 Administrative Unit



The Office of Academic Affairs is divided in four divisions, which are Registration Division, Curriculum and Teaching Division, Publication and Academic Development Division and Admission Division.




Registration Division:
Study Regulations, Registration, Tuition, Transfer, Minor Study, Double Major Study, Credit Waiver, Transcript Application and Graduation

Curriculum and Teaching Division:
Curriculum Arrangement, Course Selection, Teaching, Course Change and Make-up, Exams, Double Early-Warming System and Teaching Evaluation

Publication and Academic Development Division:
Journal of Science and Technology, Chinese/English Newsletter of NYUST, Brochures on School’s Current Status, Teacher’s Publications and Publication of Academic Theses

Admission Division:
Recruitment, Propagation and Self-evaluation



The Office of Academic Affairs aims to nurture professionals with humane attainment and to improve the teaching quality as well as the learning effects on campus. By the administrative computerization, the office wishes to enhance the school’s administration efficiency and to update courses when necessary.


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* Office of Academic Affairs - Contact Information  
 Office of Academic Affairs
Extension Number
Registration Division
2213 ~ 2215
Curriculum and Teaching Division
2223 ~ 2226
Publication and Academic Development Division
2232 ~ 2233
Admission Division 
2242 ~ 2243
Fax Number
Recruitment Phone Number

Recruitment Fax Number


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