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Office of General Affairs - Introduction
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The Office of General Service (OGS) is a supporting division that provides facilities and various administrative services for the school to meet the needs of teaching, researching and living. There are six sub-divisions of OGS including General Affairs, Construction, Archive, Cashier, Asset Maintenance, and Campus Security. These divisions are responsible for providing various professional services to the whole school including campus construction, landscaping, purchasing, archive maintenance, property safekeeping and campus security.




1. General Affairs division:
  A. Purchasing.
B. Landscaping
C. Vehicle management
D. Maintenance crew and facility management.
2. Construction and Maintenance section:
  A. Planning and execution for campus construction projects
B. Outsourcing management, public bidding, building construction and inspection.
C. Campus facilities maintenance.
D. Management and maintenance for utilities including water, electricity, air conditioning, telephone, and fire control systems.
3. Archive Division:
  A. Document management such as document register, delivery, and checking, etc.
B. Seals safekeeping and files management.
C. Files sorting and cataloging.
D. Postal management.
4. Cashier Division:
  A. Revenue receiving.
B. Tuitions and management for miscellaneous expenses.
C. Disbursement and revenue accountancy.
5. Property Management section:
  A. Property and facilities management.
B. Student dormitory management.
C. Housing loan assistance for officers and teachers.
6. Campus Guard Squad:
  A. Campus security keeping.
B. Campus entrance control and traffic control.
C. Security back-up for major celebrations.




1. Provide complete general services for the whole school.
2. Provide standard operation procedures for each operation to facilitate official operation; further more, to improve administration back-up efficiency and satisfy the requirements of teachers and students.
3. Impel actively to embellish, garden, and create a cultural campus. To establish a science and technology university with distinct campus landscape feature and environment.
4. Grasp and follow the transforming of laws and decrees and formulate deliberately each purchasing and procedure, in order to improve purchasing efficiency and save disbursement budget.
5. Authorize work and responsibility according to the ranking and levels. Practice equipment and facility management, and support teaching and administration departments.
6. Establish property management and computer management systems, in order to up date the newest property status to each department.
7. Practice campus security maintenance work. Offer a diversity of services to provide teachers and students a safe, harmonious, and high quality teaching and learning environment.


Office of General Affairs - Contact Information
Office of General Affairs
General Service (2421)
Construction and Maintenance (2441)
Archive (2411)
Cashier (2431)
Property Management (2451)
Campus Security (2099)

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