Organization Chart
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Organization Chart
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PopulationYunTech Organization Chart ( Organization Chart.doc)

    Board of University Affairs 
    Board of Administration 

  College of Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering Science and Technology-Doctoral Program
Department of Mechanical Engineering (Including Graduate School)
Doctoral Program, Graduate Institute of Industry Precision Mechanical Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering (Including Graduate School)
Graduate School of Communications Engineering (Master Program)
Department of Electronic Engineering
Graduate School of Optoelectronics (Master Program)
Department of Computer and Communication Engineering
Graduate School of Computer Science and Information Engineering (Master Program)
Department of Safety Health and Environmental Engineering
Graduate School of Disaster Prevention and Environmental Engineering (Master Program)
Department of Chemical Engineering(Including Graduate School)
Department of Construction Engineering(Including Graduate School)
Graduate Institute of Construction and Property Management (Master Program)
    Research Center for Industrial Pollution Prevention
Research Center for Soil and Water Resources and Natural Disaster Prevention
Center for Advanced Processing and Analysis (CAPA)
Service Center for Construction Technology and Materials

  College of Management
    Graduate School of Management
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Department of Industrial Management/ Institute of Industrial Engineering
Management/Global Operations Strategy
Logistics Management/ Health Industry Management
Department of Business Administration
Department of Information Management
Department of Finance
Department of Accounting
    Center for Business and Management Research
Center for Business Automation

  College of Design

Graduate School of Design-Doctoral Program
Department of Digital Media Design
Graduate School of Computational Design
Department of Industrial Design
Department of Visual Communication Design
Department of Architecture and Interior Design
Department and Graduate School of Creative Design

    Design Research Center

  College of Humanities and Applied Sciences         
    Graduate School of Technological and Vocational Education
Graduate School of Sports and Leisure Studies
Graduate School of Chinese Studies
Graduate School of Science and Technology Law
Graduate School of Materials Science
Department of Culture Asset Conservation
Department of Applied Foreign Languages
    General Education Center
Teacher Education Programs for Secondary Schools
     Office of Academic Affairs
    Registration Division  
Admission Division
Publication and Academic Development Division
Curriculum and Teaching Division
    Office of Student Affairs
    Student Assistance Division
Health Care Division 
Service Learning Division
Extra-Curricular Activities Division 
Military Education Division 

   Office of General Affairs
    Documentation Division
Construction and Maintenance Division
Cashiers Division
General Service Division
Property Management Division
Campus Security 

   Office of Research and Development  
    University Advancement Division 
Industry-Academia Cooperation Division  
Knowledge Transfer Division
Project Promotion Division
Career Development and Alumni Division 

    Promotion and Exhibition Division
Reader Service Division
Technical Service Division

   Office Of International Affairs   
    International Exchanges and Collaboration Division
International Education Division
International Student Assistance Division

   Continuing Education Center
    Extension Section 
Promotion Section

   Information Technology Services Center
    Systems Section
Administration and Consultation Section
Audiovisual Section 
Networking Section

   Art Center
    Exhibition Section
Collection Section

   Language Center
    Language Promotion Section
Language Assessment Section
Chinese Language Center
     Counseling Center

   Environmental and Safety Technology Center
    Safety and Health Section
Environmental Protection Section

   Physical Education Office
    Activity Management Section
Stadium and Facilities Management Section

   Teaching Excellence Center
    Teacher Development Section
Learning Advancement Section
Planning and Research Section
     Secretary Office
     Personnel Office
  The First Section
The Second Section

   Accounting Office 
    The First Section
The Second Section
The Third Section
    Center for Central Taiwan Teaching/Learning Resource

   Organized by Office of Research and Development
    Center for Regional Industry-Academia Collaboration 
Incubation Center for Academia-Industry Collaboration and Intellectual Property  
Center for Emergency Response Information
Center for Power Electronics and Sustainable Energy
Center for Manufactory Machinery Essential Technology and Development  
Center for Design-led Innovation  
Center for Hakka Studies  
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