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YunTech Snares a Gold and a Silver Medal at the 31st Invention & New Product Exhibition (INPEX)!
Post Department:Office of Research and Development      Post Date:2017-03-14  

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The 31st Invention & New Product Exhibition (INPEX) was held from June 7th to 9th, 2016. The Invention & New Product Exhibition (INPEX), International Trade Fair Ideas Inventions of New Products (iENA) and Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva are the 3 greatest invention exhibitions in the world. INPEX is also considered the Oscars for inventors. YunTech snared 1 gold and 1 silver medal at INPEX in 2016.


The gold-medaled invention, “3-in-1 Personal Belongings Featuring Live Face Recognition Authentication,” was invented by students Chen Guan-chen, Liu Wen-je and Chiu Hsuan-Yi under the instruction of Associate Professor Ho Chian-chen from the Department of Electronic Engineering. The invention functions simultaneously as a wallet, a key, and a mobile phone app. People can use the applications “mobile payment” and “mobile key” in the smartphone. Moreover, the feature of live face recognition authentication provides higher information security and lowers cost in identity authentication.


The silver-medaled invention, “Arrayed Glucose-Sensing Device and Method of Forming the Same,” was invented by a team that included Assistant Professor Liao Yi-hung from TransWorld University, Associate Professor Chou Hsueh-tao from the Department of Electronic Engineering at YunTech, and students Chen Chien-hsun and Huang Min-shian advised by Professor Chou Jung-chuan from the Department of Electronic Engineering. The invention was created to improve the disadvantages of nowadays glucose-sensing devices used in hospitals. There are nearly 1 million Taiwanese people suffering from diabetes, which accounts for 4-5 % of the population. Diabetes is a lifelong disease; therefore, controlling patients’ blood sugar is one of the most important aspects of treatment and the amount of glucose is a vital indicator for how much medicine the patient should take. However, the glucose-sensing devices used in hospitals hold the disadvantages of long-time test and a large amount of blood being required on blood tests. Also, the devices can be only used by medical technologists rather than normal people. These disadvantages lower the possibility that patients will self-monitor their own glucose. Due to these inconveniences, the team created this new invention. The arrayed glucose-sensing device uses graphene and fernite beads with a working electrode and an enzyme electrode, which increases the sensing area of the working electrode and the flow of electrons on the activation area, thus improving the accuracy of arrayed glucose-sensing devices. Furthermore, the invention combines glucose-sensing devices with microfluidic devices, which feature the advantages of low samples, low reagent consumption, portability, miniature size, low energy consumption and fast process.


YunTech’s inventions in recent years have possessed practicality and future potential, and this was highlighted by the judges at INPEX. The two inventions have both been patented and are on the way to be merchandized for the market.