Department of Business Administration Achieves a lot in the Masters of Administration in Marketing P
Post Department:Department of Business Administration      Post Date:2016-06-07  

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Led by Dean Chen Cheng-hsui of the College of Management and Chair Lai Chi-shiun of the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Business Administration has worked hard to broaden its global vision and increase its internationalization. Since March, 2015, the department has started to recruit students residing in Vietnam. The ceremony of the new semester for the first group of students took place on July 10th, 2015, in Building U2 at Vietnam Commerce University, Vietnam.


Cooperating with Vietnam University of Commerce, Hanoi, the overseas Master of Business Administration in Marketing Program started from July, 2015. All courses are taught in English, and the students residing in Vietnam are people from all walks of life. After review and selection, 24 students were admitted and enrolled for the program.


The program is the first overseas program of the Department of Business Administration. It is hoped that the English teaching and international learning environment can create more diverse courses to attract Vietnamese students, thus serving as a method for Vietnamese students to pursue further education and enrich themselves.