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Around the university

The roads trough the universty is called Longtan road, on this road students can find a wide variaty of breakfast shops and restaurands. The breakfast stores are open from early morning to around 2pm the restaurants are open from the afternoon till around 8pm and the latenight restaurant area is open till 12pm. On the Longtan road there are several 24 hour convenience store and stores that sell everything a student needs in his room. 


Douliou is a small city in the south center of Taiwan and has a population of about 107.000 residents.The city center it is easily accessible by bicycle and has its own bus and train station when you chose to visit the other areas of Taiwan. The city center of Douliou there are many coffee places, shops and some bars for you to enjoy. every Tuesday and Saterday there is a night market right accross form the University, at the night market you can find many different kinds of food and games.  

Douliou map



In the province of Yunlin is known for its agriculture ranging from rice, pineapple and fruits. On the east side of Douliou the mountains start and it’s known for its coffee and tea production. 

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