Yuntech and CSC
Yuntech and CSC
Post Department:College of Engineering      Post Date:2014-12-10  

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 Yuntech and CSC 


 National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Yuntech) cooperates with China Steel Coporation (CSC) to found and establish Hand Tools Research and Development Center of Engineering and Technology.

Held on October 2nd, 2014, the unveiling ceremony of “Next-generation Hand Tools R&D Center” was hosted by Shen Jong-Chi, the vice minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.; Li Yan-Yi, the director general of Department of Technological and Vocational Education; Tsou Jo-Chi, the CSC chairman of the board; and Hou Chun-Kan, the president of Yuntech. During the unveiling ceremony, Huang Yi-Xing, the director of Research and Development Division, CSC, and Cheng Jyun-Cheng, a professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yuntech University were invited to give keynote speeches about hand tools.

President Hou said, “In Taiwan, there are around five to six hundred enterprises producing hand tools, including screwdrivers, high-quality hand tools for repairing and medical purposes. In addition, Taiwan is one of the three major hand tools exporting countries in the world with an annual output value of 60 to 80 milliard NT dollars. Through this Industry-University Cooperative Program with CSC, we aim to upgrade industrial technology and promote the development of hand tools,” he continued, “at the end of the unveiling ceremony, we invite everybody to visit our laboratories and equipments.”

Yuntech has integrated Colleges of Design, Engineering and Management on an end-to-end service basis. The College of Design is in charge of exterior design; The College of Engineering is in charge of process-improving techniques; and The College of Management is in charge of marketing and management.

Through the Cooperative Program with CSC, Yuntech intends to upgrade industrial technology level of hand tools to spur innovation and growth in Taiwan. By doing so, Yuntech will further improve its international competitiveness and establish its global brand image of hand tools.

Yuntech also indicated that the R&D Center will serve as the following three main roles. First, it will be a third party test and validation center. Second, it will be a Personnel Training & Development Center of hand tools. Third, it will be a platform for technological cooperation. Yuntech will also assist enterprise to make innovation with a deeply embedded capability in their organizations so as to create the next generation of hand tools.