Industrial Design Students Won Awards in 2011 Qualia
Post Department:Department of Industrial Design      Post Date:2011-08-15  

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Industrial Design Students Won Awards in 2011 Qualia                                2011-07-08      

Nai-Hua Chen from Graduate School of Industrial Design Won Bronze Award in 2011 Qualia                                                                           Supervising Teacher: Bo-Xiong Ye

SecretPriceless! Bluetooth HeadphonesThis product is designed mainly for people who value privacy. When we discuss private matters, we often worry others may be ear dropping, so we cover out mouths or open our ears wide to prevent someone from hearing the conversation.The product has two earpieces. The funnel-like style can cover and concentrate on reception and playback, improving issues of leaking sound and wearing uncomfortable earplug headphones. Most importantly, secrets will not be heard by third person.

Jia-Kun Chen and Zhe-Rong Chang from Department of Industrial Design Won Merit Award in 2011 Qualia   Supervising Teacher: Ching-Hsu Chang, Yuan-Liang You

Excellent Steaming! Health Energy PotBased on seniors’ different needs for a healthy diet, an innovative pot and milling machine are designed to accommodate customers’ preferences, perceptions and ideal cost. The product can provide sufficient nutrition by steaming in as little time as 10 minutes with basic conditions such as safety, convenience and aesthetics.It visualizes healthy eating concept and integrates the principle of the five elements to create an innovative pot and milling machine.Five elements principle with cookware design: The five different colors each nourish the five internal organs without repeating. Wood and ceramics are the product’s main materials. It has rounded edges to prevent acute corners from hurting the hand. It is easy to clean and store.
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