Entry Visa Application
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Applying for a Visa at ROC Offices Overseas

You must apply for a valid visa (Visitor or Resident Visa) in your country of residence BEFORE entering Taiwan. As there is no "Student Visa" for international students studying in Taiwan, students whose exchange period is more than 180 days may apply for Resident Visas or for extendable Visitor Visas if the exchange period is less than 180 days.

yuntech_logo.jpg Please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Republic of China (ROC) overseas missions in your countries / regions for the required documents, latest information and advices about which type of visa you should apply for.
yuntech_logo.jpg A list of ROC (Taiwan) Embassies can be found at http://www.boca.gov.tw
yuntech_logo.jpg Please note that students who qualify for Visa-Exempt Entry or who obtain Landing Visas valid for 30 days (nonexpendable) may still be able to enter Taiwan even if coming without Visitor Visas. However, you are then required to leave the country after 30 days. Please note that male students who have dual citizenship and enter Taiwan with ROC (Taiwan) passports will be subject to the Taiwanese compulsory military service regulations.
yuntech_logo.jpg Students from Hong Kong or Macao should apply for renewable/multiple entry and exit permits in accordance with the Regulations Governing Hong Kong and Macao Citizen's Entry, Exit, Residence and Registered Permanent Residence in the Taiwan Area. See http://www.immigration.gov.tw. The permit is valid for three months and may be extended once for a total of six months from the first day of entry.
yuntech_logo.jpg Hence, students whose exchange period is one academic year will have to leave Taiwan after six months and apply for a new permit again.
What Type of Visa Do You NEED?
Visitor visa
yuntech_logo.jpg If you are on the semester program and intend to stay in Taiwan for less than six months, a Visitor Visa will suffice.
yuntech_logo.jpg It is strongly advised to apply for a multiple-entry Visitor Visa if you plan to travel abroad during your stay.
yuntech_logo.jpg It is not possible to change a single entry to a multiple-entry Visitor Visa once you are in Taiwan.
yuntech_logo.jpg Visitor Visa holders are permitted to stay for 60 or 90 days, you may apply at local service centers of the National Immigration Agency for an extension (max. 90-120 days) within 15 days before the current visa expires.
Resident visa
yuntech_logo.jpg If you are on the year program, it is advised to enter on a Resident Visa. You will eventually change you resident visa to an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC; see the ARC section below).
yuntech_logo.jpg If you originally enter on a Visitor Visa but will stay for more than180 days, you must change to a Resident Visa at the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs before the Visitor Visa expiration date.
yuntech_logo.jpg From previous students' experience, some ROC embassies are not likely to issue resident visas. If it is your case, please just apply for a Visitor visa first and then change to a Resident Visa when you are in Taiwan.

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