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  National Yunlin University of Science and Technology is a modern and dynamic university situated in an picturesque and friendly campus. On November 27th, 2009, the school celebrated its 18th anniversary. Since emerging from a barren land, YunTech has become an active institution of higher education. The story dates back to 1988...


*On May 19th, 1988,

the county government of Yunlin requested the Ministry of Education to provide land for National Yunlin Institute of Technology. The Yunlin Country Government donated approximately 60 hectares of Taiwan Sugar Corporation land to the institute. Three hundred and fifty camphor trees were planted to commemorate this date. Since then, like those sturdy trees, YunTech has gradually grown.


*On August 1st, 1989,
the Ministry of Education appointed Dr. Wen-Shion Chang as the Director of the Preparatory Office of National Yunlin Institute of Technology. In the beginning, the institute hired approximately 100 scholars and experts from universities and the central government to form roughly twenty research teams. It took around one year to finish the research projects.

*On August 10th, 1990,

the ground-breaking ceremony was initiated.
  *On Just 1st, 1991,


Dr. Wen-Shion Chang was appointed as the first dean of the college which consisted of eight four-session departments, including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Management, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Industrial Design, and Commercial Design. Simultaneously, graduates of vocational schools started enrolling as students.

*On September 25th, 1991, 

    352 undergraduates from eight departments began their studies at the brand new campus. On September 26th, 1991, the school held its opening ceremony for the first semester.
  *Since 1992, programs in diverse fields have enriched the academic teaching of the campus.
In 1992,
the two-year program began admitting junior college students to the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Environmental and Safety Engineering, Industrial Management, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Industrial Design, and Commercial Design.
In 1993,
approved by the Ministry of Education, Masters’ programs in Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, and Industrial Engineering and Management were added. Masters’ programs in Industrial Design, Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Information Engineering, Management Information Systems, Interior Design, Chemical Engineering, Construction Engineering were also added.
In 1994,
the Masters’ programs in Environmental and Safety Engineering and Visual Communication were added. The Department of Commercial Design was renamed the Departmental of Visual Communication.
In 1995,
the two-year programs of Department of Finance Management and the two-year extension education programs of Management Information Systems and Finance Management were added. In addition, teacher education programs were opened to promote the growth of secondary school teachers and the development of professionals in business organizations.
In 1996,
the two-year program of Applied Foreign Languages was established, and students from the two-year extension education program were admitted.
  *On August 1st, 1997,
   1997 the school was renamed the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, YunTech. Since then, YunTech has worked diligently to develop a superb learning environment.

In 1998,

three new Masters’ programs in Construction Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Disaster Prevention were added along with a Doctoral program in Engineering Science and Technology.
In 1999,
the Doctoral program in Business Administration was established.

In 2000,

the university instituted the following programs: Doctoral program in Design, Masters’ programs in Technological and Vocational Education, Finance Management and Applied Foreign Languages, two undergraduate programs including Construction Engineering and Applied Foreign Languages, and four extension education programs leading to Masters’ degrees in Management Information System, Management Administration, Industrial Management and Cultural Heritage Conservation.

In 2001,

the following programs were added: Masters’ programs in Chinese Studies and Leisure and Exercise Studies, four-year programs in the Department of Environmental Safety Engineering and the Department of Finance. The Department of Accounting was also added.
  *On August 1st, 2001,  
  yuntech_history_clip_image002.jpg Dr. Tsong-Ming Lin succeeded Dr. Wen-Shion Chang as the president of YunTech.

In 2002,

the Ministry of Education approved doctoral programs in Industrial Engineering Management and Chemical Engineering, and master program in Information Management.
In 2003,
the Ministry of Education approved to establish Graduate School of Science and Technological Law, Digital Media Design Department, Graduate School of Optoelectronics, master program in Accounting, and doctoral program in Information Management.

In 2004,

Department of Electronic Engineering received accreditation from the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) in April. In May, the Ministry of Education approved Graduate School of Global Logistics Management, and master program in Disaster prevention and Environmental Engineering.

In 2005,

YunTech joined worldwide「Physics Enlightens the World」 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Einstein’s death in April 18th. In May, YunTech hosted 「2005 SouthEast Asian Vocational Education International Conference」. The Ministry of Education approved to establish doctoral program in Finanical management department, master program in Communication Engineering, and Creative Design Department.

*On February 15th,2009,

  yuntech_history_clip_image002_0000.jpg Dr. Yeong-Bin Yang took office as the third president of YunTech. Former president Tsong-Ming Lin was appointed as Vice Minister of Ministry of Education, Republic of China.
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