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 Design and Media Center  




To meet the requirements of our country's economic development: Facing the competing high-technology development of advanced countries, the traditional manufacturers in our country are under great pressure. Our industries will lose their international markets if we continue to engage in piracy and labor intensified industry. To survive in the international market, we must develop industries that technologically intensive, will be of, high additional value, and possess orientations toward design. The aims of our center are to cut the barriers between academic conceptual and the industrial practicalities, to nurture excellent and suitable design talents for the industry, to help in successful industry transformation, to upgrade the industry and, in long terms, to boost our country's economic development.



To integrate the resources and technologies of all departments to develop technical research: The developing of design technology to upgrade the basis of design standards. This college includes expertise in a variety of fields from the College of Design, to the College of Engineering, as well as to the College of Management. This center combines these expertises to develop and research design techniques. It also provides their results to industry to help industry upgrade itself and to increase their products' additional value by offering technological assistance or counseling.


To upgrade the regional standards of cultural design: In the middle and southern part of Taiwan, the design atmosphere and design related education facilities are severely lacking. In the Yunlin and Chiayi areas where the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology is located, the resources relating to design culture are particularly lacking. This center will supplement this shortage. We can increase the resources in Yunlin and Chiayi's design services and also upgrade the design level of the whole area. In addition, we can extend our resources to the whole island to increase our national design culture, to push the industry towards design-oriented methods, to upgrade our industry, to speed up our nation's image, and to develop our industry.



To follow our country’s economic development policy, to integrate and manage each department’s resources and techniques, to develop and research every design with technical counseling so as to upgrade industrial designing levels, and to increase production advancement. The “Design Service, Development and Promotion Center of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology” (hereinafter, the Design Center) was established according to the college’s regulations in Article Seven. The Design Centers main purposes include design services and the promotion of research which are described separately as follows:


Design Services: The Design Center will assist the industry in development and design research by offering them practical and sensible design technology. In this way, communication between academic study and the industry will be improved, which will result in industry’s quality and special designing ability similarly affected.



The Promotion of Research: The Design Center is an independent organization which brings the industry, government and the university together; to integrate the academic research and industrial development; and to facilitate design projects from programming to final execution to meet the needs of industry. The areas of such research and promotion are as follows:

1.   Conveyance, communication and transmission of design information.
2.   Nurturing talents of design, promoting design service and assisting the industry in improving the quality and ability of design.
3.   Combining the goal of teaching with the application of design. Promoting good relationships among industry and the university.
4.   Offering counseling for special design research projects and the applications of special design.
5.   Promoting international academic interaction and the balance between the demand and supply of international industrial technique.
6.   Keeping in touch with the latest technological information, while combining the design resources of human art. Doing long-term research and development in design engineering techniques.


Brief on Assignments


To coordinate, unite and support the College of Design’s associated teachings, experiments and studies in order to combine research and schooling.


To integrate the College of Engineering, Managing and Design’s resources and faculties in similar fields so we can research in the professional skills as follows:

1.   The research and application in Computer Aided Design (CAD).
2.   The utilization’s of human-gene engineering on design.
3.   The applications of system’s design and design methodology.
4.   Product proposal and design management.
5.   The development of product improvement and communication technology.
6.   The design and planning of exhibitions.
7.   The evolvement packaging design and packaging material technology.
8.   The dealing with multimedia and image design.
9.   The research and usage of commercial and publishing design.
10.   The plotting of living space for senior’s and unobstructed environments.
11.   The design and planning of performing stages.
12.   The plot and study of total community build up.
13.   Public environment’s visual plotting.
14.   The plotting and research of urban planning, construction design, outlook design and interior design.
15.   Other research design occupations.



The execution and evaluation of running design technology research schemes.

D. Holding design technology seminars and product announcements.
E. Collecting the latest information of design development. Publishing periodicals for the college’s students and staff, as well as business people, to reference.
F.   Building cooperative relationships and human resource interchange with private and public organizations domestically and internationally. Collaboration among industry, government and the university to elevate domestic design levels.
G.   Accepting contracts from private/public organizations and industries to survey particular topics on design techniques, to give counseling for techniques and to make product adjustments.
H.   Participating in other related study programs of our school’s ,other school’s or organizations’.

The objectives of the Design Center

The objectives of the Design Center is composed of short-term goals and long-term goals as follows:

1.   Short-term: The framework of the Design Center is still one of the school’s branches for the time being. The head of the Design Center has complete authority over its internal affairs. However, important matters have to be submitted to the counseling committee of the Design Center. In internal organization, the projects are part-timed by school staff members with temporary grouping. After the project is finished, the group will be dismissed. The administrative staff are full time employees who are supervised by the head of the Design Center while other directors dominate their projects’ human resources and budgets.
2.   Long-term: The long-term goal of external organization of the Design Center is to become independent from school supervision. Their ultimate goal is to become a corporate body of personnel and financial independence. In internal organization, its business is done with special projects. But the Design Center is divided into different departments according to its operative attributes. Different kinds of projects are also supervised by different managers to meet the goal of dividing responsibility and workload.

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