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International legal services
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 College of Humanities and Applied Sciences-Research Center


Department and Task

This center is established to provide effective international legal services with reasonable rate to those enterprises located in the middle and southern Taiwan.

97.83% of Taiwan industries are small and medium-size enterprises (White Paper On Small And Medium Enterprises In Taiwan, 2004) and are quite limited by their financial capability, material and human resources to bridge with the world. To take international legal service as an example (e.g. American attorneys), NT $6,000 to 15,000 will be charged as hourly rate which is generally not affordable to most of local enterprises, so are the international financial, accounting and languages services. Besides, most of such qualified professionals are mainly centered in the north of Hsin-chu county and are hardly found in the middle and southern Taiwan which university incubators, up to the current time, are focusing on technical research rather than international legal and business services. Given such background, this center is established as a pioneer in offering international legal services by a university.

We unite academic resources, make strategic-alliance with business enterprises and work closely with famous international law firms and accounting firms to solve local companies’ problems encountered, whether domestically or internationally. Services offered including: promoting competitiveness, training courses on language, business translating and negotiating, business letter translation, and business contracts. All these services are directed either to solve business problems or to strengthen employees’ core competitiveness. We will also be pleased to form a longer term relationship with enterprises to meet their needs by sending students as interns under professors’ supervision.


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