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College of Design - Introduction
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 College of Design 


The main incentive is to upgrade national level of design education and foster outstanding design specialist, as well as to enhance quality of instruction, research and service, by integration of in-campus resources and mutual complement of expertise among departments and graduate schools, so as to become an international prime college of design in diverse fields.




The future objectives of development under the present foundation are as follows:
(1) To keep pace with national development and educate professional designers:
  By means of cooperation and integration among departments and graduate schools, the overall design concept of the modern designers can be consolidated to produce efficiency and fortify the competitiveness of national design industry in the global market.
(2) To enhance design research and promote academic exchange programs:
  As a result of enhancing consolidated academic research and setting up international exchange channels, the overall aims are to extend design education and science into international fields.
(3) To integrate the faculty and provide design service:
  By means of integrating the faculty and manpower of various departments and graduate schools, the goal is to engage in specialized design research and promote various business cooperation programs and services.
(4) To expand design field and develop features of this college:
  The ultimate objective is to expand departments in related fields, and gradually become a leading college of design in worldwide.




To assist the professional development of various departments and graduate schools in this college and improve the quality of instruction, research,support and service, the manpower and material resources in relevant fields are to be integrated in order to keep up with the research development of the Design Research Center and actively promote the integration of manifold types of design.



Department and Task

College of Design consists of the instructional units such as: the Doctoral Program in Graduate School of Design, Department and Gradual School of Industrial Design, Department and Graduate School of Visual Communication Design, Department and Graduate School of Space Design, Department and Graduate School of Digital Media Design and Computational Design, Department and Graduate School of Creative Design; and the Design Research Center and the Innovated Incubation Center. All these units are actively cooperating with various industries to provide consulting services.

The Dean of College of Design is appointed by administer college affairs with the aid of one special assistant and one assistant.



Site Layout and Equipment

College of Design is located at southern part of this university. Major buildings include Design Building I, Design Building II, Design Building III and Industry Exchange Center.The related facilities have been installed in the departments and graduate schools of this college.



Future Prospect

The future developmental plan of this college will integrate the software and hardware resources in instruction and research areas within the Doctoral Program, departments, graduate schools and research centers to extend internationalized education, supplement required faculties, and upgrade instructional quality and competitiveness of research and service.

(1) By extending flexible curriculum structure to improve efficiency of design education.
(2) To fortify the research and development capability of design technology and promote the exchange programs with other universities.
(3) To increase relevant departments and graduate schools in order to enter into mainstream of the international design.
(4) To enhance the integration among industries, official agencies and academies through the operation of the Design Center and the Innovated Incubation Center.



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