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Physical Education Office - Introduction
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The Physical Education Office was officially established in 1994. The office consists of two sections: Activity management and Facility management. The goal of the office is to cultivate students’ habit of exercising regularly, host or assist the sport games and competitions, fulfill students’ knowledge and skill of leisure and promote skills of physical fitness and exercise.




Facility Management

This section is responsible for managing the NYUST sports facilities. Our school not only stresses the importance of cultivating school members’ habit in academic, working, study performance, but also thinks highly of the significance of school members’ health. Therefore, our school possesses abundant outdoor and indoor facilities. The outdoor facilities include a four-hundred meter track and field, six hard tennis courts, six clay courts, twelve basketball courts, six volleyball courts, one skating rink and one baseball field.

As for our indoor facilities, which include an international standard of fifty meters swimming pool, one fitness center, and two multi-function courts for flexible conversion to be four basketball courts, six volleyball courts, twenty four badminton courts, one judo room, one weight training room, two table tennis classroom, and six billiard tables.

These two gyms not only serve the purpose of teaching and training of various sport skills, but also provide guests, students, teachers, and employees a place for major activities and recreations for carrying out our aim to promote the habit of exercising regularly in order to advance school members’ and compatriots’ health as well .

Activity management

This section is responsible for motivating school members’ interest to exercise regularly, training the school’s sport teams, cultivating and popularizing the activities of leisure; therefore, this section provides services as follows:

1. To supply attractive and diverse sport activities and competitions
2. To arrange the camps or learning courses of sports including swimming learning camp, badminton learning camp, volleyball learning camp and so on
3. To host or assist intramural and extramural tournaments and activities
4. To train school sport teams to strive for the honor in the competitions
5. To guide students in holding sport activities
6. To popularize the activities of leisure to compatriots




1. To carry out the school’s policies in promoting exercise activities.
2. To promote physical Fitness to school members
3. To cultivate school members’ habit of exercise regularly
4. To enhance student’s physical training and execute the examination regularly
5. To scheme the activities and course of sports
6. To cultivate student athletes
7. To train the school sport teams for honor in competitions
8. To manage the gyms and equipments
9. To evaluate the promotion and employment of faculties
10. To promote the courses and camps of sports to school members
11. To popularize the activities of leisure to compatriots


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