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Center of Environmental and Safety Technology - Introduction
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 Administration Center


Center of Environmental and Safety Technology


I. The Center has Director, Safety Health Division and Environmental Protection Division based on its business needs.

II. Affairs

1.Management plan of campus air, water pollution control, waste and toxic and radioactive chemical substances as well as related promotion, counseling and supervision.
2.Safety equipment and health management plan, promotion, suggestion and supervision of campus laboratories and training workshops.
3.Campus staff’s public drinking water health coordination.
4.Promotion, educational training and safety training of campus safety and environmental protection related work.
5.The promotion and exchange cooperation of regional environmental protection, occupational safety health education and research development.
6.Other safety health and environmental protection management affairs of laboratories and training places.
1.To elevate campus environmental quality and ensure occupational safety health.
2.To provide planning management, investigation, research development and counseling service of environmental protection and occupational safety health.
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