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Office of Research and Development - Introduction
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Research and Development office (i.e. R&D office) is in service of the channel promoting interactive cooperation between our academic production, governmental policy and off-campus corporations. The chief administrator of the office is obligated to manage diverse planning, administration and supervision concerning the relevant affairs. There are five sections beneath the office: (1) University Advancement Section, (2) Industry-Academia Collaboration Section, (3) Knowledge Transfer Section, (4) Career Development and Alumni Section, (5) Project Promotion Section. Each section is assigned with one chief leader which also manages diverse planning, administration and supervision concerning the relevant affairs. Meanwhile there would be one to two members placed per section. In the office there would be also arranged for three members, including secretary, teaching assistant and manual worker. 




Section Introduction

University Advancement Section

    The section is responsible to undertake the medium/long term development plan for the university and the cooperative tasks with the league schools, and the budget planning and controlling for research funds to all departments and centers. 

  Industry-Academia Collaboration Section 
    The section is to manage the research projects including those subsidized by National Science Council, those from industry-academy cooperation, and the projects subsidized by both public and private organizations. 

  Knowledge Transfer Section
    The section is in charge of the related tasks of research achievements conducted in the university and its technology transfer. Other responsibilities that the section assumes are to take part in each kind of research achievement exhibition, conduct the application for the professional technology as well as for the establishment of service center, and so forth. 

  Career Development and Alumni Section
    It is in charge the job placement for the graduating, practice for the off campus, visiting on-site factory administrative matters for students of the university, and also in serving for the Alumni Association of NYUST. 

  Project Promotion Section 
    The section is in charge of the related tasks of the public exhibition for invention works, and also in commercialization of the invention works. Furthermore, italso carries out a guidance task to start an enterprise.




(1) It aims at coordinating with country developing policy, the need for industrial technology, the cross-border research and development trend, envisioning plans for our university’s affair progress, leading our university toward the spring of educating many professionals equipped with creativity, research and development ability, knowledge integrated capability, and global competitive advantage because of the combination of technology and humanities.

(2) It aims at integrating our university’s resources, pledging for resources from the governmental or private organizations, uniting other partnership units, introducing allied universities experiences, upgrading our university’s research and development profession, expanding departments’ focus study realm pioneering other international prestigious universities.

(3) It aims at promoting social volunteering work, assisting the city or county government to progress and preserve our culture, precipitate the industrial growth and prosperity as well as the cultivation and nourishment of elites, which anticipates eagerly the function enables to assert its major purposes of knowledge building, talent development and knowledge transmission in college in the knowledge economy age.

(4) It aims at associating alumni’s relationship, assisting alumni to improve business, gathering alumni’s powerful influence, utilizing alumni’s resources with the eyes to transforming them into the well-built back force in supporting the endless growth of our university. 




It aims at promoting the quality of the invention work by the public exhibition and advance commercialization of the invention works. Besides, it also upgradesour university’s research and development profession andcarries out a guidance task to start an enterprise.  


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Office of Research and Development


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