Rules And Regulations
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Rules And Regulations
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Registration Division
Nr. Regulation Links
1 Study Regulations Download
2 Fee criteria for Undergraduate Students Download
3 Fee criteria for foreign students Download
4 Directions of applying for preservation of admission qualification Download
5 Regulations for suspension application Download
6 Regulations for expulsion application Download
7 Reward Essentials for Students with Excellent Academic and Behavior Download
8 Regulations about application for minors for students of all departments Download
9 Specifications for the Review of Minor Degree Download
10 Regulations about double majors for students of all departments Download
11 Regulations of Double Majors Download
12 Directions for waived courses and transferred credits Download
13 Guidelines for the early graduation of undergraduates based on academic excellence Download
14 Regulations for Dual-Degree Download
15 Regulations for Students Who Apply for Directly Studying in Ph. D Degree Program Download
16 Directions for consistent studying for bachelor and master degrees Download
17 Reference table for the refunds of tuition and fees Download


Admission Division
Nr. Regulation Links
1 Regulations for the admission of foreign students Download


Curriculum and Teaching Division
Nr. Regulation Links
1 Regulations about course selecting Download
2 The Implementation of Inter-school Course Selection Download
3 Operation Guideline for Summer School Courses and Classes Download
4 Regulations about the teaching survey contents Download
5 Graduate students' degree examination measures Download
6 Notices for the related operations for engaging advisors and degree examination measures for graduates in each department (institute) Download
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