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Campus Landscaping and Architecture

Constructions are based on the concept of environmental sustainability. Green architectures aim to maximize water use efficiency and extend the use of daylight. The plumbing and garbage disposal system is optimized to conserve resources. The Show Square next to Long-Tan Road provides a recreation area for the staff, students as well as neighboring residents.

Campus Surroundings

The whole campus is designed to be sustainable and compatible with nature. All the buildings and facilities are built to be humanistic while creative art works by our students and staff are being displayed both inside and outside each building, making YunTech an open and artistic campus.

Eight Featured Sites in Yuntech

Yun Yong Ba Fang, Grassland, Bell Tower, Lotus Pond, Yun-Meng Lake, Fu-Lun Park, Guan-Yun Tower, Long-Tan Art and Cultural Square.  

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