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Yunlin County has long been known as a traditional agricultural county and lacks cultural resources. Therefore, Fengtai Enterprise, rooted in Douliu, was founded in 1971, and its affiliated Fengtai Cultural and Educational Foundation was established in 1981. In line with the spirit of "taking from the society and using it for the society", it aims to develop public welfare undertakings, carry forward academic and artistic culture, and benefit the society. Due to the lack of a relatively large-scale indoor performance space in Yunlin County, it is impossible to present the wonderful performances of large-scale art and cultural groups, which prompted the Fengtai Cultural and Education Foundation to ignite the idea of ​​​​building an international-level performance hall.


After many searches, Fengtai Culture and Education Foundation finally focused on Yunlin University of Science and Technology, which is rich in diverse educational resources, and jointly selected the existing auditorium building with the school as the target for the renovation of an international performance hall. The auditorium was built in 1983, and the number of seats in the auditorium reached more than 1,400. Although the content of the facilities is relatively basic, the volume of space is still quite large. Therefore, the foundation actively conducts research and business with Yunlin University of Science and Technology, and jointly formulates the space and space. The idea of ​​equipment renewal and renovation, and signed a memorandum, it is planned to jointly build the auditorium into a world-class performance hall.


Yuntai Performance Hall, formerly known as the Auditorium, was originally built in 1994. The main body is a reinforced concrete building with a fan-shaped architectural shape. The original function was mainly a lecture hall. In November 2018, a memorandum of donation was signed with the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. The two parties cooperated to upgrade the auditorium to a performance hall with more than 1,000 seats.

The upgrade plan was planned in March 2019, started in March 2020, and completed in December 2021. After the renovation, it will become a multi-functional exhibition hall with an area of ​​6,672 square meters, a large exhibition corridor and several dedicated offices for delegations. , with a capacity of 1,400 people, and expanded the scale of the stage hardware, with more than 30 stage curtains, turning it into a national-level performance hall. In the future, through the school-wide voting process, teachers and students of Yunke jointly voted for the word "Yuntai". The original Yunke Auditorium was transformed into "Yuntai Performance Hall". "Yuntai" is the homonym of the school's English name Yun Tech. Clouds, meaning many, also symbolize Yunlin University of Science and Technology; Tai, meaning peace, accessibility and greatness, and implicit thanks to the donation unit Fengtai Culture and Education Foundation, which allows Yunlin to have a national performance hall, and also hopes In the future, Yuntai Performance Hall will become the leading art and cultural center in Yunlin.







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