iF Design Award 2016 Ranks Product from YunTech Among its 9 Best
Post Department:College of Design      Post Date:2016-11-25  

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The iF Design Award is one of the most famous international design contests. Called the “Oscar Award for Designers,” the total prize money is EUR.30000, shared by the inventors of the best 9 products. The design power and creativity of YunTech was in full display at the event that drew 11,000 products from all over the world. YunTech’s teams, comprising of faculty and students, clinched 3 awards in the category of student design and 1 in the category of design. The awarded products are listed below: The product RAINDROP, invented by student Shu Wei-chi under the instruction of Assistant Professor Chiang Chyh-bao from the Department of Visual Communication Design, was chosen as one of the top 9 products. The main aim of the product is to convey the circular destruction of the ecosystem. Raindrops fall from the sky and become resources for all creatures. Then the raindrops penetrate the soil and flow with groundwater, 3 rivers, the ocean and other water resources. Under a certain temperature, the water evaporates and becomes clouds, and these then break into raindrops again, restarting the entire process The product “RAINDROP,” is a piece of paper board on which water can flow. Due to gravity, the water flows from up to the button. A picture of several factories in an urban area is drawn then. The picture shows the air pollution produced by waste gas and waste materials from the factories; this waste also makes the water unclean. When it rains again, the water droplets combine with heavy metal and become the acid rain which drops to the ground. In the end, the water enters the food system and we drink it. The process continues time after time.

The product RAINDROP invented by the team from the Department of Visual Communication Design

The product PiPlay was invented by students Pan Yuntsu, Kao Bai-tsu, Chen Chin-wen and Wang Yu-an under the instruction of Associate Professor Hsieh Hsiuching from the Department of Creative Design. The objective of the product is to improve on the traditional Tic-Tac-Toe game. The Tic-Tac-Toe game is classical but not interesting enough. It is easy for players to have a drawn game. Also, the easiness of the game makes players not want to play the game often. The product PiPlay uses water pipes with magnets instead of traditional knots and crosses in constructing and completing the game, changing the original game from a two dimensional space into a three dimensional space. While moving chess pieces and cards, players are also competing with their wits. In this way, the challenges become higher, increasing the interest in playing the game. The product Smart Pet Door, invented by student Cheng Nien-chun, was selected as one of the top 100 products of the year. The academia-industry product Ratchet Wrench, invented by Professor Cai Desng-chuan from the Department of Industrial Design, was awarded and named the Discipline Product.
The product PiPlay invented by the team from the Department of Creative Design