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YunTech Snares a Gold and Silver at the 19th Moscow Russia Archimedes International Invention Exhibi
Post Department:Office of Research and Development      Post Date:2016-11-25  

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The 19th Moscow Russia Archimedes International Invention Exhibition and Invention Contest took place from March 29th to April 1st, 2015, in Moscow, Russia and attracted more than 700 entries from 17 countries. The 2 entries from YunTech snared a gold and silver medal at the contest, showing the innovation and creativity YunTech’s faculty members and students. The gold-awarded invention, A Novel CommonPath and High Precision Displacement Sensor, was invented by students Shu Li-hung, Chang Chung-pin and Shi Hung-da under the instruction of Professor Wang Yung-cheng from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The invention is a multi-interferometric displacement measurement system with high precision which is also easier to establish and provides antiambient interference. The changeable angles of the measurement mirrors increase the measurement scales and allows for measurement of both long and short distances. Moreover, the team was able to reduce the volume of the sensor to 10 mm³, making it more convenient for the precision machinery industry. The silver awarded invention, Structures for Efficiency Improvement of Flexible Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, was invented by students Hung Pei-wei and Dong Yu-tong under the instruction of Associate Professor Lin Jian-yang from the Department of Electronic Engineering. The invention adopted the multilayer doping method to produce an organic light-emitting layer. The better quantum effect associated with this method increases luminous efficiency and brightness. Luminous efficiency and brightness can be increased to more than 200% if the flexible organic light-emitting diodes, Spiro-NPB/TBADN:Rubrebe/Alq3/LiF/Al, adopts this structure. The invention is able to meet the needs of green lights with high luminance and the needs of flat panel displays.


Student Shi Hung-da represents the team in receiving the gold medal  

White light emission of the flexible white OLED on PET substrate under forward biasing



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