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Department of Digital Media Design is Unstoppable in Cultivating New Designers
Post Department:Department of Digital Media Design      Post Date:2016-07-20  

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To meet the challenge of the government’s emphasis on “Digital Content Industry” and “Cultural and Creative Industry” and to conform to the needs of professional elites for in both fields, the Department of Digital Media Design focuses on the three fundamental concepts for its curriculum. They are “Computer Animation Design,” “Design for Interactive Games” and “Digital Value-Added Design.” Moreover, students are encouraged to take part in design competitions to present their learning results.


The product “Amazing Land” has been one of the top inventions in recent years. Under the instruction of Associate Professor Chang Teng-wen, student Wang Yi-ya invented the interactive toy for kids and parents. The invention won awards at The Invention & New Product Exposition (INPEX), the International Warsaw Invention Show, the Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart and has been chosen as one of the top 40 start-ups at the Innovation & Startups held by the Ministry of Science and Technology (R.O.C.) in 2015.


The goal of “Amazing Land” is to give users a fun time. This toy is for kids older than 4 years old as kids have to create and solve problems they meet while constructing the toy. Through solving problems, parents and kids can find solutions cooperatively and win achievements in the end. Moreover, kids can construct different scenes and stories with Lego bricks to train their creativity. The difficulties can be varied making the toy one that can be played by kids of different ages, thus helping kids develop their imagination. As a universal design (UD) product, this toy is also suitable for disabled kids. It is anticipated that the product can be commercialized and can be purchased in the market in 2016, and it is hoped that the toy can be sold all over the world to every kid. Student Wang Yi-ya does not only work on her graduate studies, but also acts as a stock holder of one design studio.


The other top product is, “Rebottle,” invented by students Ting Pei-chi, Li Pei-chen and Su Bo-chia under the instructions of Assistant Professor Chang Wen-shan and Assistant Professor Chen Szu-tsung. “Rebottle” won the 2015 Young Pin Design Award and a gold medal at DC Competition held by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (R.O.C.).


The word Rebottle is the combination of “recycle” and “bottle.” The aim of the product is to promote the concept of recycling and the environment. With the recycled PET bottles and help of design, an interactive display light box is produced. When people interact with the display light box, they can also learn the ideas and importance of recycling in a fun way.  


The Department of Digital Design has cultivated elites for the industry efforts from faculty members and resources from YunTech and other fields. Culture, creativity and technology have been integrated into courses. In the belief that more digital elites can be cultivated with professional instruction and a multi-disciplinary teaching and learning environment.