YunTech Has an Outstanding Performance in a Massive Open Online Course
Post Department:Office of Academic Affairs      Post Date:2016-06-07  

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Since 2014, the Ministry of Education (R.O.C.) has been promoting Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). YunTech started made its application in the same year and 4 courses were approved. The 4 courses were “2D Animation,” “Modern Applied Psychology,” “Chemistry in Modern Life” and “Design for Revitalization.” The number of approved courses was the top among technological universities in Taiwan in 2014. With past experiences and efforts on both course design and materials from multiple disciplines, all courses for 2015 applied in the categories of new and applied systems and were approved in the same year. The approved courses were “A Required Course for College Students: Emotion Education,” “Philosophy in Civil Society” and “Fun Photography” which were open to the public at no charge.


Moreover, YunTech has developed multiple MOOCS application systems to improve already uploaded course clips and increase the population of viewers by cooperating with different partners. For example, the course “2D Animation” taught by Assistant Professor Chen Shi-chang and Assistant Professor Yang His-hsun of the Department of Digital Media Design could be watched on xuetang X by Beijing Tsinghua University, Mainland China. The system xuetang is the biggest MOOC platform for Chinese-speaking users. With the internet, the top courses of YunTech can be easily conveyed to the Chinese-speaking world and the whole world as well.


Since opening, the course “2D Animation” has been attended by more than 4,000 viewers in just ten days. The final population of applicants was more than 10,000, showing that the public view this digital course of YunTech’s as being of high quality.


The other course, “Modern Applied Psychology,” taught by Associate Professor Liu Wei-te of Graduate School of Technological and Vocational Education could be watched on CNMOOC by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Mainland China. Since its opening, the course has been selected as a course with credit hours by 2,600 students at 15 key universities in Mainland China. If counted with students who were only interested in the course rather than took it as a course with credit hours, there were roughly 4,000 viewers.