YunTech Shows itself with its R&D Ability and Shines on Innovation and Business Startups
Post Department:Press Center      Post Date:2016-06-07  

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YunTech has actively pushed forward innovation and business startups in recent years. The school trains faculty members and students to acquire related knowledge of business startups, to cultivate their entrepreneurship, and encourage them to take part in innovation and business startups competitions. The Innovation and Startups Competition was held by the Ministry of Science and Technology (R.O.C.) and partly funded by notable companies. For example, Acer Inc., TSMC, Industrial Bank of Taiwan, and Silicon Valley Multi-Dimensional Venture Partners sponsored the competition. By taking part in the competition, the younger generation can transfer their creativity and innovative power to businesses. The competition which lasts from 2013 to 2017 is the one with the highest prize money in Taiwan. Taiwan’s government has invested NT.50,000,000 and raised 24,000,000 from business enterprises. Both research institutes and universities are trying hard to win over the large prize money.


Since 2013, 14 YunTech groups have wonNTD.7,270,000 in total with their efforts. In the year of 2015, the invention, “Smart Calibration,” by the Department of Mechanical Engineering was honored with an award in the category of excellent performance in startups and was the 5th best invention in the first stage. Moreover, the team also won the prize money of NT.2,680,000. With the prize money, the team is planning on starting up a new business.


The invention, “Smart Calibration,” was invented by students Huang Chi-hou, Chang Chin-hua, Shi Hong-da and Huang Chen-lin under the instructions of Dr. Chang Chong-pin and Associate Professor Wang Chen Yung-cheng. Featuring ease of use and simplicity in constructing and adjusting, the automatic adjustment gauge saves 90% of time for construction. Also, the easy-to-set-up feature of the invention reduces the need to train users. With all the advantages mentioned, the invention provides calibration service depending on customers’ needs and differences.